Early Childhood Martial Arts Classes (ages 6-7)

The Tigers program is designed specifically for our students who are 6-7 years of age. This class features a preparatory curriculum that gears our students for the Junior program, which is for children ages 8-13. While students at this age fine-tune those skills being taught in our Little Ninjas program, they begin learning our self-defense program and character development concepts such as respect, self-discipline, focus, courtesy and teamwork. 

The classes also include physical conditioning in the areas of coordination, balance, and fitness. Children will begin working on muscle memory and strength.

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Call Karate Ken's today to speak with our instructors for more information about our Kenpo karate and martial arts classes. We would love to discuss the benefits of these classes, and we’d love to start your child in classes as soon as possible. Our inviting and welcoming environment is designed to promote growth, development, and fun!
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